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The untamed beauty of Laconia

Itilo is a historic village in Mani, amphitheatrically built on the west shore of the gorge that separates Mesa Mani from Messinian Mani and overlooks the bays of Limeni and Tsipa.

οίτυλο λακωνίας - Xemoni Hotel

The imposing Kelefa Castle is located north of Areopolis and south of Itilo, about 6 km from the hotel. It was built by the Turks in 1670 and in 1685 it was conquered by the locals and the Venetians.

διαμονή στο Οίτυλο Μάνη

Tsipa or Neo Itilo is approximately 4 km from Itilo. It’s a historical little port, since in February 17th 1770, this is where the Admiral of the Russian Fleet, Theodor Orloff, started the 1770 revolution.

οίτυλο λακωνίας - Xemoni Hotel

The tiny, scenic port of Limeni is 7 km from Itilo. It’s so picturesque & beautiful that looks like a painting. The few stone houses with the colorful facades & the tiled roofs .


Itilo is a historic village in Mani, amphitheatrically built on the west shore of the gorge that separates Mesa Mani from Messinian Mani and overlooks the bays of Limeni and Tsipa. The name of the settlement came either from the mythical hero Itilos from Argos or from King Itilos or Vitilos from Biotia. Homer mentions in Iliad that Itilo belonged to the kingdom of Menelaus, participated in the Trojan War and it was one of the cities that Agamemnon offered to Achilles as a present, in exchange for his participation in the Trojan War campaign. During the Byzantine Empire, it was the seaport of the castle-estate of Mystras. Around 1670, many local families immigrated to Italy, like the Giatriani family in Tuscany and the Komnini in Genoa, while members of both families settled in Corsica. Wander in the small, narrow streets of the village, see the traditional stone houses, enjoy the view of the bay from the church of Virgin Mary’s Dormition, sip your coffee in a cozy café and do not forget to visit the Byzantine church of Jesus the Savior that leads to the beach of Tsipa.


Areopoli is 12 km from Itilo and it hosts the headquarters of the new Eastern Mani municipality. Take a walk in the paved narrow streets with the stone houses, the towers and the old churches, like the one of the Archangels. The War Museum is also worth a visit.


The Caves of Diros are among the most beautiful lake caverns of the world and are located about 19 km from Itilo. One of them, the famous Vlihada Cave, has impressive stalactites and stalagmites, mysterious shapes, colors and sizes. The 40 minute boat tour will simply amaze you.


Gytheio is a coastal town, 29 km from Itilo, with taverns, bars, the Historical National Museum of Mani and the Archeological Museum. Visit the islet Kranai or of Helen of Troy. According to the myths, this is where Helen was when Paris abducted her.


Gerolimenas is a truly picturesque fishing village, about 33km from Itilo, with traditional taverns and the magical view of the Messinian Gulf and Taygetos mountain. It’s also the ideal starting point to explore the nearby unspoiled sea coves and beaches all the way to cape Tainaro.


Tainaro is the southernmost point of continental Greece and it’s 50 km from Itilo. The wildly beautiful, yet barren landscape is simply spectacular. Cape Tainaro nestles Hades’ cave –known as Hades’ Gate- where Poseidon was worshiped. The cave is accessible by land and visitors will also get the chance to see remnants of the Temple of Poseidon.


Porto Kayo is a scenic bay, 46 km from Itilo. The sea and mountain view will just take your breath away. During the pre-revolution era, this is where the Admiral of the Russian Fleet, Lambros Katsonis, was stationed.


On sandy beaches include Neo Itilo (Tsipa), Mavrovounio, Ageranos, Marmari, Stoupa and Kalogria, while in the rocky Chotasia, Limeni, Tainaro and others.


A traditional mountainous village with impressive, old stone mansions, about 42 km from Itilo.


Hotasia is a nice, traditional settlement with one single tavern and a small rocky beach with turquoise blue waters. Hotasia is 7 km from Itilo, on the way to Kalamata.